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Amazing Penetrations #21 - Mail Order Orgasms
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Amazing Penetrations #21 - Mail Order Orgasms

Naughty Alysha has her fans send in some huge unusual toys that she uses to fuck herself and get off. She warms up with some of the smaller beer can sized models before cramming the huge six inch wide version into all her holes. When she cannot get it in by shoving it in, she will sit on the fake dick with all of her weight to force the oversized dong to actually go up inside her. It is literally unbelievable what she gets into her holes.

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Starring: Naughty Alysha, Denni O
Director: Stephan Wolfe
Running Time (minutes): 90
UPC: 794255267690
Vendor SKU: DVS142


In Stock: 500
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Price per Unit (piece): Call for Pricing

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